A Christ-centered education in a Family atmosphere offering Quality academics among Highly-involved students

2024-2025 School Year

St. Mark Lutheran School, founded in 1984, is a private school where students grades Kindergarten through 8th are taught a Christian based curriculum. Enrollment is limited for an optimum learning experience. Our school values are summarized below; please download our brochure for greater detail. Thank you for considering St Mark Lutheran School!


The school’s dedication to a Christ-centered education is clear from our school’s formal objectives:

  • To help each child grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin.
  • To train our children in their thinking, attitudes, and actions, so that by application of the Word they may willingly, out of love for their Savior, live their lives in conformity to the Word of God.
  • To teach God’s Word in its truth and purity, diligently, and systematically,
  • To provide a complete elementary education of high quality.
  • To teach all subject matter from a Scriptural viewpoint.
  • To enable pupils to live in daily Christian fellowship.
  • To teach Christian citizenship, grounded in obedience to God’s Work.
  • To strengthen the Christian home and congregation and the Church at large.

Family Atmosphere

St Mark utilizes the family-style multi-grade classroom concept, which has proven advantages over conventional single grade classrooms.

“The more we learned [about multi-grade classrooms], the more we realized that grouping children like a family is a more logical and humane way to raise children, educationally speaking… And frankly, we are highly impressed with the effect the family-grouped classroom had upon our at-risk learners, our gifted learners…our late bloomers and everyone in between.

– Michael Gurian, Boys and Girls Learn Differently! (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishing, 2001) p. 314

Quality Academics

We have a full curriculum that includes math, science, social studies, reading, language, spelling, handwriting, and, most importantly, the study of God’s Word. The Word of God classes for Kindergarten through 3rd graders are the basic Bible stories. The 4th – 8th grade students have catechism instruction in addition to bible story lessons.

Research evidence indicates that multi-grade instruction has a significant positive impact on student attitudes, and tends to enhance achievement outcomes –  US Dept. of Education

Highly Engaged Students

Our limited enrollment allows our teachers and volunteers to spend a great deal of time in small student groups and one-one. This environment keeps the students engaged in their studies, and also promotes a close teacher/parent relationship.

Testimonials from School Parents

“We love St. Mark so much!”

The small class size and two room school with the combined age classrooms has made for deep meaningful relationships that have really made friends like family! We love the curriculum, we love the teachers, and we love the godly teaching in the classroom.  We feel that we are receiving not just a top-notch education but a safe environment.
Shay Petron

“[…] couldn’t be more impressed […]”

My daughter has been attending St Mark’s for nearly 3 yrs and we couldn’t be more impressed with the school! The teachers truly care about the kids, they are not just a number. The safety standards are top notch which was an important factor for us as well. I love that the older students help the younger students and everyone is friends. My daughter’s confidence has grown immensely since attending! I highly recommend this school for anyone that is looking for a change from traditional public schools.
Jenny Gray

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