The History of St. Mark Lutheran Church

St. Mark was organized as a WELS Lutheran church in the early 1970’s and first met at Carpenter’s Hall in Nymore, a suburb of Bemidji, MN.

1974: Our First Building

In 1974, the church purchased a building at 9th and America, downtown Bemidji.

1980: A New Church

In 1980, a new church was built at its current location on Anne street.

1984: Expansion and the Start of School (Grades 1-4)

In 1984, members constructed a fellowship hall and a new basement, and school began that fall with 19 students in grades 1-4.

2006: Addition of a Dedicated Classroom, Kitchen, Narthex, & Fellowship Hall

An additional dedicated classroom, including a kitchen, narthex, and fellowship hall, were added in 2006.

2022: Addition of another Dedicated Classroom and Fellowship Hall Expansion

An additional dedicated classroom, including an expansion to the Fellowship Hall, were added in 2022. The parking lot was also paved during this time.