“And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good.”  (2 Thessalonians 3:13)

So how did you spend your Labor day?  Getting a few projects done around the house?  Grilling out at the park?  At work?

Our lives are full of work.  Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes not so much.  God wants us to work hard as employees – as if we’re working for God.  God wants us to work hard as spouses, if we’re married.  God wants us to work hard as parents, if we have children.  God wants us to work hard as children, if our parents are still around.  God wants us to work hard in every station of life to which he’s called us.

And yet…it’s not always easy.  We get tired.  We sometimes work too hard in one area and are lazy in another.  We sometimes get discouraged when we think we’re working harder than others.  We get tired of doing what is right and good.  And it can be awfully tempting to give up and give in.  Why bother?

Thank the Lord that He never gave up or gave in.  Thank the Lord that you have a Savior who has already done the hardest work ever – dying on the cross for the sins of the world!  Jesus faithfully completed your salvation!  And why?  Because He had to?  Because the boss would fire Him if He didn’t?  No, He did it all because He wanted to.  He wants you to be with Him in heaven.  So He worked hard for you!

With such a Savior who’s already given us heaven we can work hard in life.  We can work hard to be faithful at home, at work, in our family, helping others and most importantly, work hard to hear again and again the message of our Savior who’s already worked hard for us!

Thankful to have been worked hard for by Jesus, just like you,