Listen to or read the Sermon: When in Pain, Pause and Pay Attention 

God has useful purposes for the pain and suffering we feel in life. Sometimes our pain is the result of our poor choices, sometimes it’s the result of the poor choices of others. But any pain that we feel in life is God’s way of getting us to pause and opening our eyes to the fact that we aren’t God, we need Him, we need to depend on Him. And when God gets our attention and we focus on Him in His Word and in the Sacraments, what does He do? Just like He did for Jacob, He assures us of His presence and His promises.

Read the sermon: Upon the Cross Extended

1 Peter 2:19-24
And then our own troubles and sufferings are transformed from misery to ministry as even in the midst of earthly trouble and difficulty our lives point to the eternal comfort we have in Christ upon the cross extended.


Prayers from our hymnal:

When There is Strife 
O Lord, it grieves me that anger, strife, and bitterness have become a part of my life.  Forgive my sins and renew my spirit so that I will pardon others, correct the mistakes I have made, and be more cheerful toward those around me  Remind me through your Word that your Son’s peace provides the needed hope and reason for healing and change.

When Sick
Great Physician of body and soul, I have been struggling with sickness and pain.  If it is your will, let these days pass quickly.  Guide the hands of those who care for me, and give me confidence in their skills.  If I must continue to suffer, grant me the comfort of knowing that you will allow nothing to happen to me which is not for my eternal good.

For the Sick
Almighty Father, giver of life and health, I pray for ___________ and for all who are sick and suffering. Grant that in the midst of pain they may be comforted by your presence and sustained by your love. If it be your gracious will, restore them to health.

On Recovering from Injury or Illness
Lord of my life, in the day of trouble, I call to you and you deliver me. Receive my humble thanks. Bless those who prayed for me and those who served me in my time of illness. Enable me to use all my days in grateful praise and service.