“They said, ‘Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to make us and our children and livestock die of thirst?’  …The LORD answered Moses, …’I will stand there before you by the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink.'” (Exodus 17:3, 5, 6)

What need are you facing?  What is it that seems to stand in your way?  What keeps you from moving forward?

For the Israelites it was a lack of water.  There was no water, they saw no solution, so they were disappointed, distressed, and full of complaints.  But then, God acted.  But notice that God didn’t act in judgment, rather, He did so in grace and mercy providing them what they needed: water.

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been too difficult for the Israelites to understand after that incident that what they needed really came from the Lord.  With pantries full of food and faucets that almost always shoot out water, it may be easy for us to forget that everything we need for life – protection, food, water, etc – really comes from the Lord.  So what does God do?  At times God will allow us to see a need or a bunch of needs that we have.  And at those times if we live only by sight we can easily become disappointed, distressed or discouraged.

But ask yourself, “Has God been faithful to me?  Has He provided all I need so far in life that I’m here reading this email?”  If so, will God not also be faithful to you in the future?  Will He who didn’t spare His own Son for you not provide you with all you need for life?  God is faithful.  From whatever point you’re at now and to whatever point in the future you can be sure that God will be with you and bring you there.

I heard a news story yesterday about many people in Ohio who were without water for a while due to an algae contamination.  Once the water was restored one lady commented, “I’ve never had such an appreciation for water!”

May we both in times of plenty and in times of need look in both appreciation and trust to God for His guidance, protection, and unceasing providing care!

Appreciating God’s faithfulness, just like you,