“Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘Why are you crying out to me?  Tell the Israelites to move on.” (Exodus 14:15)

What is it for you?  Darkness, loneliness, failure, rejection, embarrassment, pain, money problems, the future?  What is it that grips you with fear?  There’s all kinds of things in life that can fill us with fear, right?

For the Israelites it was the threat of being massacred by the Egyptians.  They have a huge sea in front of them and Pharaoh’s army chasing behind them with… nowhere to go.  What’s going to happen?  Where are we going to go?  Where is God?

So, the Israelites are afraid and Moses is crying out to God- understandably, right?  But notice what God said?  “Why are you crying out to me?  Tell the Israelites to move on.”  Really??

You see, fear is the result of a.) realizing that we’re not in control and b.) losing sight of God’s promises.  Faith, on the other hand, is trusting that God has the power to do what He’s promised to do.  God promised to rescue the Israelites from the Egyptians, take them to the Promised Land, and one day bring a Savior through them.  Need they be afraid?  No, just move on.  God then (again!) showed them His power by parting the Red Sea!

God’s promised you all kinds of things: His complete forgiveness in Jesus,His presence, to watch over you, to protect you, to guide all things for your good, to take you to heaven one day.  And…does He have the power to do those things?  Absolutely!

With such a gracious and powerful God in control, need we really be afraid…of anything?

Trusting in my faithful God who parts seas, just like you,