So what did Jesus do on Wednesday of Holy Week? Did He do another miracle? Did He confront the religious leaders? Did He teach using some parable? Did He spend the day in prayer?

We don’t know. In the most important week of all time we don’t know what Jesus did on Wednesday!
But that’s ok. That reminds us of an important truth about God’s Word. God tells us in His Word everything we needto know for our salvation, not everything we’d like to know. Wouldn’t it be neat to know what Jesus did on Wednesday? Well, God knew that we didn’t need to know it, so He didn’t include it.
What that does mean, though, is that everything we do have in the Bible IS important. Because if it wasn’t important God wouldn’t have included it. And knowing that leads us to appreciate even more all of what God HAS given us in His Word.
Thank you, Lord, for telling us all we need to know for our lives and for eternity!
Thankful for God’s Word, just like you,