I once heard that original emblem for Harvard University had two books open and face up and one book open and faced down. I think the significance of that was that while there is a lot we can learn and know, there are some things that we simply can’t know. (By the way, the original motto for the school was “Truth for Christ and the Church”)
Kind of ironic that today the emblem has only open books faced up 🙂 (and Christ and the Church are no longer part of the motto). We live in a world that thinks that we’re so smart that there are no limits to what we can learn and know. While it’s good to learn and increase in knowledge, we must admit that there are things we simply can’t know.
So what did Jesus do on Wednesday of Holy Week? We don’t know. God chose not to tell us. What!?! Don’t we have a right to know everything?!
In His infinite wisdom God has chosen to not reveal everything about Himself and His will to us. There are simply things we don’t know and can’t know on this side of eternity.
And that’s ok! Why so? Because it leads us to treasure and appreciate even more the things that God HAS told us and wants us to know. Where do we go to find out about God? We go to His Word and whatever we find there is exactly what God wants us to know.
May God lead us to treasure even more what He HAS told us as vital for life and eternity!
Thankful for what God has told me in His Word, just like you,