We are beggars; this is true

As sons and daughters of the Lutheran Reformation, today we celebrate the fact that the truth of the Gospel has set us free.  The truth is the saving grace of Christ Jesus our Savior.  He has pierced the darkness of law-based work righteous religion.  It is by grace alone, through faith alone, in the scriptures alone that we see that salvation is found in Christ Alone!

Keep the Faith

This is the final Sunday in the season of Pentecost. Today we reflect on what this season in the church year means. Gong all the way back to the beginning, we saw the Holy Spirit ignite the fire of faith and understanding in the hearts of the Apostles. Faith that is worked by the Holy Spirit through the Gospel allows us to see the truth of God’s Word, that same faith spurs us on to serve our God, and that faith sees sternal life as our final Goal.