“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil” (Matthew 4:1).

What are you fighting?  We all fight, don’t we?  Sometimes we fight sleep to try and stay awake.  Sometimes we fight cravings for certain junk food.  Perhaps at times we even fight with those closest to us in order to get our way.

Well, there’s something else each of us fights every day of our lives.  It’s temptations.  Though the devil might look at times like a harmless lamb, he is a ferocious wolf looking for prey to devour.  He wants nothing more than to lead you and me away from God, to get us to plunge head long into sin, to unmake us children of God, and get us to spend an eternity in hell with him.

So, he tempts, he attacks, he battles, he knows your weak spots and he’ll do whatever he can to get you to fall.  Have you given in?  Have you lost fights with his temptations?  Yes, you and I have.

But Jesus didn’t!  Jesus put Himself under the devil’s fiercest temptations.  Jesus went into battle against the devil’s harshest attacks.  And…He won!  He defeated the devil every time.  He crushed the devil’s head by championing over him with His victory on the cross and empty tomb!  Your enemy has been defeated!  Jesus fought your battle for you and won!  Life is yours!

And…Jesus still fights for you!  He’s by your side in every battle, in every attack, in every temptation with His Word and invincible power.  With Jesus at your side the devil must flee!

So continue fighting, fight the good fight with Jesus at your side always!

Thankful that Jesus fought and still fights for me, just like you,