These websites offer devotions and other resources consistent with our beliefs.  It is by no means a complete list, but are resources that are known and suggested by our pastor.

bread for beggars

Bread for Beggars is a blog of spiritually hungry beggars who have the bread of life and wish to share. The contents of the posts will vary. Some will be devotions written by the bloggers, but most will be devotions, sermons, music and visual arts that have been produced by other Christians.

canaan bound podcast

Weekly episodes feature segments by pastors serving in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) along with church history, mission news, and featured music by various Christian artists who support our teaching.


Concordia Publishing House is one of the major publishers of Lutheran literature, including the Lutheran Study Bible and the Concordia Self-Study Bible, both recommended by our pastor.


The ELS is a ‘sister’ synod with beliefs that align closely with WELS, and therefore, our own church.  In fact, it is not unusual for WELS members to worship at ELS churches and visa versa, if they are away from home.  ELS members are welcome to join in our Lord’s Supper.


Martin Luther College is owned and operated by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). Formed from an amalgamation of Dr. Martin Luther College (founded in 1884) and Northwestern College (founded in 1865), Martin Luther College opened its doors to the next generation of church workers in 1995.

time of grace – this is a ministry by the WELS church St. Marcus in Milwaukee, WI

what about Jesus

What about Jesus? is published by WELS for devotions and interesting articles.


Our church is affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), and their website has many useful resources:

Topical Q&A – Their question and answer column is one of their most popular sections for good reason.  These are real questions sent in by real Lutherans on relevant questions you might ask yourself.  Over time, they have collected hundreds of questions and responses, and categorized them so you can easily browse or search for them.  And, of course, you can send in your own questions!

Prayers – We are taught that prayer is essential to our faith, yet how many of us pray more than a few times for a few minutes each day?  WELS offers prayers for every occasion.

It is not really practical or possible to list every useful resource on the WELS website, but it is highly recommended that you see what they have to offer; there is something for every one of us.


The purpose of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary is to offer theological training that prepares men to enter the pastoral ministry of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or of churches within its confessional fellowship . The seminary also endeavors in various ways to offer opportunity for theological and professional growth to called workers who already are serving in the ministry of its confessional fellowship.

your time of grace

This is a cool ministry, short videos by different WELS pastors.