“In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (which, when translated, is Dorcas), who was always doing good and helping the poor” (Acts 9:36).

What’s your reputation? What do people think of when they think of you?

This lady, Tabitha, we’re told was “always doing good” and helping those who couldn’t repay her. Is that the what people think of when they think of you? Of me? Honestly, I’m not so sure. Way too often I’ve been selfish, way too often I’ve been more concerned about me than others, way too often I’ve wanted to be served rather than serve. You too?

But the bigger question isn’t so much how will other people remember you or me, but how does God? He sees everything. Does God see all my failures to do good? Will God hold all my selfishness against me?

Tabitha wasn’t perfect, neither are you or me, rather, she was a disciple. She was a disciple of a perfect Savior. She was a follower of a Savior who lived perfectly for her, who died for her sins, who rose triumphantly for her forgiveness. Tabitha always did good and helped the poor not because she was such a good person, but because her Savior was such a good Savior.

How will you be remembered? You’re a disciple of Jesus bought with His own blood. You’re God’s own child clothed with Jesus’ perfect life of always doing good. You’re an heir of eternal life. In Jesus, that’s who you are.

Which means what? It means we can give ourselves fully to the Lord, love as God first loved us, serve as ones who have already been served in the greatest possible way, just like Tabitha.

May God’s grace so fill our hearts and lives that it overflows in doing good and helping others!

Loved and served by Jesus, just like you,