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Christmas Eve

Our focus this evening is not so much on the program, but the message, not the children, but the Child.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

There’s just something about Christmas that is simply uplifting, isn’t there?  I mean it brings an element of joy to hear the buoyant Christmas carols, it brings a certain excitement to gather with family and friends, and it brings a certain smile to our faces to see excited and happy children re-enact the Christmas account, doesn’t it?  We all need something good to look forward to, right?

We need these times that lift our hearts and our spirits and bring smiles to our faces, don’t we?  Why?  Because there are also other times when we feel downright crummy and depressed.  Those are the times when I see my sins so clearly.  My guilt weighs me down, my conscience accuses and pesters me because of things I’ve done.  I recall again and again those things that I should have done but left undone.  I remember those things that I really ought not to have done, but I did.

At the very center of this great big universe is our God and at the very center of our God is this indefinably great characteristic called love.

Look at what I have done for you,  Look at what I endured for you, Look how I defeated death for you

Let us once again like those shepherds of old, turn our attention to that little town of Bethlehem and see this wonderful event of God’s love once again.