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Good morning!  Welcome to worship here at St. Mark’s!  A special welcome to anyone who is visiting with us this morning!  This morning the children of our congregation through recitations and songs will be once again sharing with us wonderful Christmas message of our Savior.  The order of the service is printed for you in your worship folder and the congregation is invited to participate as directed.  The theme of this service is the “Carols of Christmas” and how they’ve passed down the great truths of God’s Word in music.

There really is something uniquely precious about hearing the Christmas message and on top of that hearing it from the mouths of children.  It really opens our eyes to who our God is.

God could have simply left us all in the dark.  Certainly that’s what we deserve.  Why should He who is infinitely greater than all of heaven and earth have anything to do with humans?  Why should He who is absolutely perfect and holy have anything to do with humans like you and me who are so full of sin that we cannot go one day without committing sinful thoughts, words, and deeds far too numerous to count?  Why should that God have anything to do with us?

But then there’s Christmas.  Here at Christmas God opens His heart for all to see.  Today you will hear once again a message so clear that a little child can teach it and yet so mind-boggling the most learned and intelligent person could never fully plum its depths.

Wonder upon wonders: the almighty and infinite God takes on our human flesh and stoops so low as to be born in the most humble way.  And why?  So that you can spend the rest of your life pondering, treasuring and sharing this message of the angels: Unto you is born this day in the town of David a Savior; He is Christ the Lord!  Let us never tire of hearing that most joyful message!

We begin with the opening hymn.


Prayer for Gene Wagner (Brenda’s brother who has been hospitalized)

Almighty Father, giver of life and health, we pray for Gene Wagner and for all who are sick and suffering this Christmas season.  Grant that in the midst of pain they may be comforted by your presence and sustained by your gracious love that moved you to come into this world to rescue us from our sins.  If it be your gracious will, we ask that you would restore him to health.