Revelation, a study of the end times

It is vital for a reader of Revelation to keep in mind the theme “Jesus Wins”. Why should were member this? Because God wrote the book of Revelation to give believers encouragement and comfort for the last days. People often misinterpret the figurative language God uses as literal events that must happen before the Last Day such as, Armageddon, the Rapture, and1000 year reign of Jesus. God warns in scripture of false teachers from the beginning to the end of time. God also warns believers of the Antichrist who will deceive many. Therefore it is vital to grow in God’s Word so that one can easily recognize false teachers.

Revelation is written in figurative language to show believers the true spiritual devastation and suffering the devil intends for mankind. The Devil is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He does not want His true intentions known. False teachers are recognized because they add to or subtract from God’s Word in addition to denying that Jesus is the Christ, our Savior.

As you read Revelation remember that Jesus has won the war. Keep focused on Jesus and your heavenly home. Jesus will strengthen you in the face of all persecution. We are living in the end times by God’s grace. Believers do not fear the end times, they look forward to the eternal life God promised them.

What a blessing Revelation is for believers! God assures them that Jesus has defeated Satan once and for all. Since Jesus wins, so do all believers!

Editor’s Note: We are actively incorporating this content from Bible Truth cards, so this section is currently incomplete.  We hope to have this work completed by the end of July.

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