What is the Apocalypse?

What is the Apocalypse?  Apocalypse is defined in the dictionary as the last book in the Bible, Revelation.  It comes from the Greek word (apocalupsis) which means a revealing, a disclosure.  Some think the apocalypse is a series of massive destructive events that signal the coming of the last day when the earth is finally destroyed.  For Christians, the book of Revelation is the apocalypse in which God reveals to His people what it will be like to live during the end times including the destruction of the earth on the last day.  Revelation’s figurative language portrays Satan’s relentless fight for everyone’s soul during the end times.

The Beasts of land (false teachers and preachers) and Beasts of the sea (Government’s anti-Christian policies) are deceivers manipulated by Satan to steal as many souls as possible before the last day occurs.  God warns us to be aware of these beasts and to not let the pressures from the beasts fool us into losing our faith.  God wants all people to know that Satan cannot harm them as they hold onto God’s promises.

The theme of Revelation is that Jesus won the battle with Satan and believers have nothing to fear on the last day.  Jesus will come to save us from all the destruction and take us to heaven forever.  What joy and peace is revealed to us by God in Revelation.

God’s word on the Apocalypse:  NIV, Rev. 1-22; Matthew 24: 3 – 51; Romans 8: 31-39.

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