Who does the Great Prostitute Represent?

Who does the Great Prostitute Represent?  The Great Prostitute in Revelation 17, is associated with Rome.  The Great Prostitute will support false teachings within the Church.  The Antichrist will lead a rebellion against God and elevate himself above God and in the Church.  He will even call himself God.  This is how the devil is subtly rebuking God.  He creates doubt in the minds of many who do not grow in God’s word and blindly follow his teachings.  God tells us in His word that during the end times there will be many false teachings, the great prostitute will have influence worldwide, and many governments will agree with her.  She will have accumulated great wealth, power, and prestige; this means that many will believe what she falsely preaches.   Do not be fooled, go to God’s word, read and understand it so that you are armed with God’s word to recognize and refute all false teachings.  Someone may say the end is coming tomorrow or on a certain date, God doesn’t say that anywhere in His Word.  If someone performs some miracle claiming to be God, don’t believe it as God is clear in His word that the coming of the antichrist will be displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs, and evil deceptions.

Revelation seems to indicate that the end times will be like war where we will clearly see the great prostitute. This is not true.  There will be continuous deception and evil that believers need to discern so that they do not lose their faith.  God uses figurative language in Revelation to emphasize that false teachers will use subtle lies to lead one away from Christ. It may be years for false teachings to become accepted and little by little more false teachings creep into the church.  God uses the term “Great Prostitute” as a picture to warn one that these false teachings are filthy in his eyes and are not to be tolerated.  God reassures believers in Revelation that they will be saved by faith alone and can look forward to eternal life in heaven with him.

God’s word on the Great Prostitute: NIV, Psalms 119:104; Pr. 19: 5; Matthew 24: 11;  2 Cor. 11: 12-15; 2 Peter 2: 1-3; Jude 1: 1-7; Rev. 17:1-18.

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