Who does the Beast of the Sea and Beast of the Earth represent?

Who does the Beast of the Sea and Beast of the Earth represent?  God uses the beast of the sea to describe civil governments opposed to Christ.  God intended for governments to maintain civil order and protect people.  The devil uses governments against Christ through the passage of laws that conflict with God’s laws.  Laws that legalize abortion, require teaching evolution, etc. are some of the tools the Beast of the Sea uses to attack Christ.  Also, defending non-Christian virtues and marginalizing Christian values such as marriage, creation, blocking the construction of churches, or obstructing the preaching of God’s word, are other means the devil uses governments to carry out his war against Christ.

God uses the beast of the earth to describe the devil using false prophets, teachers, or churches to persuade belief that God’s Word is not completely true or falsely interpreting His word to turn people away from Jesus as the Son of God.  The devil is working every possible way to steal souls from God.  Both beasts complement each other to persecute Christians throughout the world.  Many Christians have been beheaded, lost jobs, jailed, or exiled from their country because of their faith.

God warns His believers of these persecutions not to scare them, but to remind them that the devil is always working to steal their soul.  God reminds believers that Jesus has already won the battle with the devil resulting in the salvation of all those who believe in Jesus as their Savior.  The devil has no power over us as we continue to follow God’s will.  The book of Revelation is God’s message to believers to show how dangerous and cunning the devil is and to always be on guard for false teachings.  Revelation also tells believers that Jesus won the battle and opened the door to heaven for all believers. The devil nor his persecution through governments, and the secular world can never shut that door.   What joy Christians have knowing that Jesus won, they look forward to the last day and endure the end times because heaven is their home.

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